5 Shades Of Blue (2022)

Artist: Sergei Troshin
Country: Canada
Born: 1960
Acrylic, collages on plywood, Sealed with resin
4ft x 4ft


What worries me as a human being on this Earth? Aside from personal matters, I am concerned about the environment. Look at these, once-beautiful, African and Latin American shores! They are buried under a mountain of trash... Blue skies, the ocean, pure snow, and rain are themes that I explore in "Five Shades of Blue". How did the blue color get into the art world? Which Silk Roads? From what continents? That is a part of world history that I refer to in my new picture, doing my research about it, and freely experimenting with new artistic approaches. The main idea of this project comes from a quote by J. W. Goethe. "Let everyone sweep in front of his door, and the whole world will be clean!"

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