Morgenwald in Meißen (2022)

Artist: Sergei Troshin
Country: Canada
Born: 1960
Natural dye, acrylic, resin, mixed medium on wood
4ft x 4ft


“Augustus the Strong gained fame as a hero as well as a lover of art, beautiful architecture, and chic interiors. In addition, his numerous love affairs were whispered about not only in the court lobbies but also discussed in international political circles. Yes, yes! His appetites for love spread far beyond picturesque Saxony. He, in most likelihood, had more mistresses than money. In search of funds, especially during the period of heightened rivalry for the Polish crown, Augustus the Strong involved numerous alchemists and adventurers who promised to obtain gold from mercury. " Your Highness! My name is Bötger!“ “I know who you are, and I know what you do! Any nonsense like the elixir of life or youth! " “Yes, Your Highness! I think I'm close to my goal! " “Nonsense! I have a task of national importance for you. I need the formula for gold. You will receive premises, equipment, food, and water. You cannot leave the laboratory until you bring me the first gold bar. " "Your Highness! But ...?" “Bötger, do you want to live? Then don't waste your time! " Not a day or two has passed, months, maybe years. Everyone who helped the alchemist in his work lost all hope and was in despair. But, finally, Bötger asked for an audience with the king. “Yes, alchemist! How will you please me and save your life? " " Your Highness! I do not have a formula for gold, but I have invented something that will bring it to you. A lot, a lot of gold!" Bötger spoke of the invention of porcelain, which became the source of the kingdom's profits. Meißen was chosen for production, which has turned into a world-famous export center for expensive, beautiful tableware, and home decoration items. My work is called "Morning Forest in Meißen ". It is a tribute to the blue color of porcelain from this town, which fascinated me with the emerald forests of Saxon Switzerland, cozy Fachwerkhäuser, and unique history. In my work, I enjoy using heavy textures. The blue is made with a natural wood dye using a bizarre wood structure, of course, a touch of gold powder is visible here too, as a reminder of why it all started. If we look closely, we will notice a slight crackle on the surface. This was necessary for binding my idea to the theme of antique porcelain while emphasizing the abstract mysterious labyrinths of the azure porcelain forest covered with dew. “ S. Troshin

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